Friday, September 23, 2016


We are looking forward to spending some quality time with your children at Merrowvista next week! We won’t be including any specific content area plans on this post, because we obviously aren’t having classes next week. But we do have some other information to share with you.

On Monday, when your child arrives at school he or she will need to bring their luggage directly to the luggage box truck that will be parked in front of school. The luggage will be checked by teachers only if your child does not turn in the signed Parent Luggage Check form. If you don’t have that copy anymore, your child was sent home with one today. Any medication that your child needs during the week will need to be given to our school nurses, Sue Moore or Sue Bruno.

After we return from Merrowvista we will be getting back on track and will be offering two more services to you and your children. First, we will offer Thursday Parent-Team meetings starting 10/6 from 10:00 - 10:15 during our Common Prep Team time. If you are interested in meeting with the team, you can sign up here on Sign Up Genius.

We will also be starting after school help with teachers after Merrowvista on 10/3 from 2:00 - 2:45. It is on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. There is still no plan for if or when the late bus might be starting. So the kids will need to be picked up by an adult by 2:45.

Monday, September 19, 2016


We had a busy week on the Puma Team. We want to give you a snapshot of what is coming up this week. We will be having Open House for 7th and 8th grade on Tuesday 9/20 from 5:00 - 7:30 pm.

  • From 5:00 to 6:00 you may visit World Language Teachers and Literacy Teachers ONLY.
  • From 6:00 - 6:30 you will be able to listen to the principal’s talk in the gym.
  • Finally, from 6:30 - 7:30 you may visit the Puma Team Content Teachers in their classrooms.

You will attend your child’s science class in one of our 4 main classrooms and then rotate every 15 minutes to have a discussion about certain topics with each teacher.  Be sure to ask your child what section of science they are in. We will also have class lists outside of our doors.

Science Section
Room #

Michelle York writes:
We have started to work in our math program. We are covering 7.NS.1 and 2. Those standards involve students applying previous understandings of rational numbers on vertical and horizontal number lines, converting rational number to decimals using long division and the concept of squares, cubes, square roots and cube roots. Much of Unit 1 is a review and extension of what the students learned in 6th grade math. Your child has a link to an e-book that is an exact copy of the physical textbook. They will access that for homework problems. They have a composition book that will contain both class notes and homework.

Britni Rowe writes:
Last week in ELA we established daily routines in reading and writing; students should come prepared with their ELA journals and independent reading books every day. Last week we also introduced figurative language techniques, and this week we will continue our practice of analyzing figurative language in writing and using figurative language in our own writing.

On Tuesday, students will also be taking the STAR assessment in Reading. The information on the STAR assessment is useful in supporting students’ reading both in whole group and small group work.

Scott Dorr writes:
This week the kids will research scientists who contributed to the idea of Cell Theory. They will conduct research, draw a poster about the scientist and their contribution to the theory.

Nancy Lindbom writes:
Last week the students had the opportunity to further explore their identities. The students also had their first homework assignment, “Exploring My Name”. I hope you all had a conversation with your students about how they got their names. The students enjoyed learning the meaning of their names and will use this information to complete an All About Me Stick Figure in the week ahead. Please see the Puma team calendar for important due dates. During this Identity Unit, the focus is on three of the YMS HOWLs.
  • I will model considerate behavior
  • I will use my time wisely and stay on task.
  • I will seek out help when I need it.

Sadie Mirick writes:
Last week students had a chance to get their hands on many of the art making materials we have in the studio.  Through the creation of an “experiment strip” students were challenged to create 8 completely unique panels using the combination of 3 or more materials. This week, we will look at the formal qualities of these panels, analyzing design elements, and discussing how features such a color, line, balance and texture can influence the mood and meaning in a work of art. This work is preparation for our first “big idea” project where students will be asked to create a work of art inspired by music.

An overview of the visual arts curriculum including the standards we hit, projects, and rubrics can be found in your child’s Google Classroom art folder under the “about” section.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Welcome to the Puma Team 9/12/16

Welcome to the Puma Team!! We are so excited to get to know your kids better. Seventh grade is an exciting year. We attend Merrowvista in two weeks. If you haven’t already done so, please turn in your paperwork (health history form) and payment ASAP. The students will also be getting their laptops this week. If you haven’t already done so, please return the liability payment and paperwork for that too. Students who do not purchase the protection plan will not be able to take the laptops home, which could impact their ability to do homework. If there is a financial hardship for either of these, please contact Mrs. Gilday.

Britni Rowe writes:
Welcome to 7th grade ELA! I enjoyed meeting our Puma students last week and am looking forward to continuing to get to know them throughout this year!

Last week we kicked off the year by organizing our ELA journals in preparation for the reading and writing we’ll do this year. One of my big goals for this year will be in supporting students to select independent reading books of their own. For expectations on independent reading, please check out the Reading Contract. Last week, we also visited the YMS library for a Book Tasting Event in which students “tasted” an assortment of books and added to their “Books I’d Like to Read” lists. Starting this week, students should bring their independent reading books to class each day.

Michelle York writes:
Welcome to 7th grade! We are off to a great start. I am still trying to remember names and faces but I am very impressed with this year’s students and their great attitudes. Especially about math! I will be giving students a username and password, which will allow access to the on-line version of our math textbook. It will be a great resource for both you and your child throughout the year. Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your child’s growth in math.

Mrs. Lindbom writes:
Welcome Puma students and parents to 7th grade. I really enjoyed meeting all the Puma students last week and look forward to a great year. For the next two weeks in social studies, we will focus on the theme, “Who am I and how do I fit in?”. The students will explore their identities and hopefully get to know themselves and their classmates a little better before we head off to Merrowvista. Our focus for the next two weeks will be on the YMS HOWLs of respect, responsibility, and perseverance.

This year the 7th grade students have the opportunity to participate in the National History Day competition. Although much of the work will take place during Tuesday TLT time, the students will also need to complete work at home. The theme this year is Taking a Stand in History. For more information on the competition, please click on the link: National History Day. Any questions, please feel free to email me.

Have an awesome week!

Mrs. Mirick writes,
In 7th and 8th grade, student rotate through 4 allied arts rotations; wellness, family and consumer science, technology and engineering, and visual arts. This term, your child has visual art.

In art class, began with 4 drawing activities that focused on developing observational drawing skills. Next we will begin experimenting with a wide variety of materials culminating in a mixed media piece inspired by music.

As a side note, I did a survey last week asking students if they had access to a phone or device that takes pictures. In the future, I may ask student to do some photography using these devices. Just to be clear, I am not requiring students to have an iphone for class!  I can just imagine how that dialog might unfold at home ;)

Scott Dorr writes:
Welcome to the 7th grade Puma team.  I have enjoyed the first week with your child/children and I’m planning on having an amazing year with them.  We will begin our year looking at CELLS.  We will investigate how they function as a whole and ways parts of cells contribute to the overall function of an organism.