Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Puma moms! We have only a few weeks left, but we still have a lot of work to do. We have several exciting events coming up, including the following events:
  • Monday, June 5th Samantha Smith Project at Thomas College in Waterville, ME
  • Friday, June 9th Immigration Community Celebration
  • Friday, June 16th Field Day
  • Tuesday, June 20th - 7th Grade Picnic & LAPTOP COLLECTION
  • Wednesday, June 21st - Team Day
  • Thursday, June 22nd - Step Up Day
  • Friday, June 23rd - LAST DAY 7th Grade World Cup
It’s important for students to keep on top of their work and connect with teachers if needed in order to fully participate in and enjoy these trips.

As part of the Samantha Smith Challenge, we are in need of 15 tri-fold boards for student group presentations. If you are able to donate a black or white, 36" x 48", tri-fold, please let us know. Ideally, we would like the boards at school by the end of the week. Thank you once again for your support.

Michelle York writes:
The students are still working very hard in math. We are starting work in statistics. We will have math talks about populations, samples, random samples vs biased samples and the importance of knowing the difference between the two and how to collect random sample data. This is more of a conversational unit than a calculation unit. I will give out the exceeds work at the end of the week. Upcoming math assessments are: 5/24 for the final STAR assessment and 5/31 for the 8th grade placement assessment. After that we will compile the data for the principal to make her decisions on math placement for 8th grade.

Please ask your children to return any math textbooks that they borrowed over the course of the year. They are due next week.  

Britni Rowe writes:
This week in ELA we will be continuing to work on our Immigration Narratives. Throughout the week, we will be focusing on maintaining verb tense and adding dialogue. Students have a 1st draft due on Wednesday for Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw sections and Thursday for the Hufflepuff section.

Nancy Lindbom writes:
This week in social studies, the students are working on their research packets. The students are conducting research on the country of origin of their interviewee. The research packet is due on Friday, May 19th. The students also need to complete an individual art project and a group presentation board. Please see Google Classroom for rubric details and due dates.

Liz Schambach writes:
Happy Spring!! With the exercise piece,  we have been working hard on our fitness goals. In the classroom, we have figured out what we want in our futures and what we want to avoid, finalized with a visual crest.  Last week, we had a pretty thorough Growth and Development unit with Nurse Moore and Ms. Gilday. This week we are back in the exercise room working on specific exercises for each goal.  

Scott Dorr writes:  
This week in science the students will be working on their Demonstrative Speech project.  The majority of the work will be done in school with most kids working with a partner.  The focus for the project is “unique mating rituals of animals.”  The students will need to deliver a 3-5 minute speech consisting of three parts: Introduction of the topic, body(including the demonstration/video) and conclusion to wrap it all up.

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