Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Week of May 22nd, 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Important Team Announcements!
  • After-School Homework Help
June 1st is the last official day of afterschool homework help. If a student needs to meet with a teacher, he or she should connect with the teacher directly and schedule a time to do so.
  • A reminder of the several exciting events coming up:
  • Monday, June 5th Samantha Smith Project at Thomas College in Waterville, ME (See details below)
  • Friday, June 9th Immigration Community Celebration
  • Friday, June 16th Field Day
  • Tuesday, June 20th - 7th Grade Picnic & LAPTOP COLLECTION
  • Wednesday, June 21st - Team Day
  • Thursday, June 22nd - Step Up Day
  • Friday, June 23rd - LAST DAY 7th Grade World Cup
It’s important for students to keep on top of their work and connect with teachers if needed in order to fully participate in and enjoy these trips.

Michelle York writes:
We have begun our probability standards. This unit is FUN! We end the unit with a classroom carnival. The students end the year by making “games of chance” and inviting others to play their games. Obviously, we still have a lot of book work to do and they will also need to do a theoretical report prior to making the actual games. If you hear that we are playing card games in class, then you heard right! Playing card games is a great format for this unit.

Britni Rowe writes:
Our Samantha Smith Challenge field trip is fast approaching! Students received their Immigration Narrative drafts with written feedback and a rubric. Students should be working both in school and at home to revise their writing based on the feedback they received.

Each student has been provided a Revision Packet. Students are required to conference with a teacher, another adult, and a peer as well as record themselves reading their narratives. These steps are designed to support students in using feedback and recognizing edits in their own work.

The Immigration Narrative Best Draft are due on Tuesday, May 30th. The students narrative will be compiled into a collective book: The Many Stories of Immigration.
In order for students to have their work included in the book, it’s important for students to submit their work on time. Late work will not be included in the final product!

Nancy Lindbom writes:
Students are completing their art work and group presentations for the Samantha Smith Challenge. A permission slip will be sent home shortly.
Here are the details:
Date: June 5, 2017
Place: Thomas College, Waterville, ME
Time: 7:45 am-3:00 pm
Students need to arrive to school on time. The buses will be leaving at 7:45. Due to the extended day, all students will need to be picked up at 3:00pm. Students will need to bring a bag lunch.

Liz Schambach writes: Happy Good Weather!!!
We wrapped up our second fitness goal check last week.  Many improved and were excited to improve with even more various activities. Kids should be writing their fitness work from home...I have not seen many.
This week we are talking reputations and realizing what each other think about some serious issues.  It has been interesting to hear what they have to say.  

Scott Dorr writes:  
This week in science the students will be finishing work on their speech project discussing the topic of “Unique Mating Rituals in the Animal World.” Presentations will be 3-5 minutes in length and will occur on the Tuesday/Wednesday following Memorial Day. Students are also making the final push to finish the in-class reading book “Operation Redwood.”

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